About us

With this collection, MIMI is on a mission to meet the wardrobe needs of a modern-day woman who is constantly evolving.

We believe fashion has the power to help women meet the standards of our fast-paced society, while at the same time making them look the way they feel every step of the way.

Each garment is carefully crafted and beautiful in its design, with natural materials and functional solutions for a timeless style with no barriers.

About us

01 Funcionality

With our innovative approach to some classic looks, we have created
a collection that meets the needs of women in a variety of situations. With optimized design, we have created pieces that can be worn in different ways, for different activities, and on repeat.

From a business suit that transforms into a night out look, shirts and blouses that could be worn from a casual beach night – to an important business meeting, and dresses that go from elegant to casual.

02 Modern femininity

A modern woman is someone who can show a soft and supportive side, while at the same time exploring her strengths, she knows what she wants and speaks her mind.

We want to give her the possibility to be feminine and powerful at the same time by designing garments that are evolving with her. Effortlessly feminine, entirely natural, and endlessly versatile.

03 Fine and manageble materials

MIMI collection focuses on fabrics that are beautiful but also manageable.
Our clothes are built to last, therefore we are focused on selecting and combining fine materials in our looks but at the same time making them manageable for your everyday life.